Rollout Self-Propelled Trailers

This blog is to record the ups and downs of a new product being developed.  It is an electric-assist trailer that allows cyclists to pull loads without any added effort on their part.

Currently, Rollout Self-Propelled Trailers has the product in beta testing.  The product is a bicycle trailer that uses its own motor to “keep up” with the bicycle pulling it.  The trailer includes an electric motor, a battery for powering it, a controller for throttling the motor up and down, and a force sensor to tell the controller how much it needs to throttle up or down to maintain zero towing force.

Beta testers rent the prototype units and get use out of them while keeping a log book of positive and negative experiences with it.  Past and present beta testers include

  • First Congregational Church in Sheboygan, WI
  • Clearwater Outdoor Store in Lake Geneva, WI
  • Drury University in Springfield, MO
  • Me, riding a prototype in creative ways around Green Bay, WI